Sunday, December 23, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 22, 2018

One of the parents of the many victims of this child molesting rapper hired a few people to get some revenge on the guy who sexually assaulted the 13 year old child of the parent. Apparently it was just supposed to be a beating and not a robbery too.



Unknown said...

A kindness blind

AkhaldanSolo said...

This kid has a huge target on his back regardless of how much money the studios throw at his protection like they did Marvin Gaye and all the other murderers that Hollywood supports. This kid gets a free pass because he the RAINBOW link between hip hop and the LGBTQ confused and displaced. He's the colorful clown character we are all being conditioned to believe are fun loving psychos and to embrace the crazy. Fuck you degenerate somebody got you slated for removal from our movie, good riddance clown.

sandybrook said...

TMZ had something late yesterday he was in a recording studio and something happened and when people came to the studio to get him HE said he wasnt in here.

Trapped said...

He belongs in jail and I hope they keep him in jail..
Why do these stars like underage people?
Is it because they are young and they know nothing about sex.
They can mold them and use them.
Their parents need their butts whipped black and blue, sending your child to be raped, abused and pass around like cookies..
Shame on the poor substitute of a human being..
He’s where he belongs.,

Andi F said...

He deserves a hell of a lot worse.

Cee Kay said...

Honestly, it's the season of love and all that, but IDGAF if some lowlife loser gets beaten AND robbed. The beating's earned, and the take is just a bonus.

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drkdragon777 said...

Wasn't it actually his own crew that had him robbed in retaliation for being fired?

Pastor Dave said...

I really hope someone takes this filth out permanently!


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