Saturday, May 25, 2019

Blind Item #7

When you have everyone who matters on your payroll, and you hear about someone poaching in on your territory, then if you are this directionally challenged rapper you give the guy up to the police and make them look good.


Chillax said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sandybrook said...

French Montana

s.s. said...

Reads like he's doing someone a favor to give fake street cred

Flashy Vic said...

Perhaps he should change his name to Spanish Idaho or Swiss Nebraska and start all over again?

Confession time: I do not have a fucking Scooby Doo who the fuck this wankstain is or what he does or doesn't do. But his name is sort of cool.

The names I suggested are better though.

hunter said...

I vote for Swiss Nebraska, 100%.

He would need to be whiter though, French Montana looks to be some variety of mixed heritage.

C’est Vrai said...

Lol 😂

Colonel Blake said...

What's his name was charged with trafficking out of CA.

tall, dark, and handsome said...

French Montana and Sosamann

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Boldblonde said...

French Montana and Sosamann. Sosamann was charged for human trafficking.


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