Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

May 13, 2019

Too busy using drugs to make it to this life event was the celebrity offspring of this permanent A++ lister.

Paris Jackson/The college graduation of her brother Prince.


Amartel said...

FKA "Blanket?" If so, or in any case, well done. The one stable, sensible Jackson. Around the time Michael Jackson died there was a story about some of the other kids bothering poor Blanket with a hot iron, threatening to dip it into his tub and turn him into an electric blanket. Of course, heartless, this cracked me up but he's getting the last laugh now.

Brayson87 said...

Are they biologically brother and sister, and/or grew up together?

E said...

Blanket is a separate kid from Prince and he was at the graduation

Guesser said...

The oldest is Prince,he graduated. Paris maybe wasn't at the ceremony,but was with him right after. Blanket is 17,and he and Prince have a you tube channel discussing films. Blanket has a different surrogate,but all were raised together. He goes by Bigi(spelling?)

Colonel Blake said...

Bee Gee, actually. Like the Bee Gee's.

Colonel Blake said...

Hopefully, that young child won't get herself pregnant; being too young, on drugs, etc.
Poor child. All the money in the world can't make one happy. Having lost both my parents at about her age, it's life-changing devastation that NEVER leaves you. It's not a "new normal" as they say. Nothing is ever normal again. Never. And girls take it even harder. She has no purpose in life. She just exists in her small world. Lack of purpose (ask any retiree!) kills you sooner than later.

timebob said...

I have a feeling Paris will be under a conservatorship controlled by her brother in a few years.

ZZZedMaster said...

Does anyone here have a conspiracy as to why celebrity kids don't just g to college or leave the industry?

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Psychonomics said...

Gen-z99 Los Angeles is an industry town in the same way Detroit is known for making cars or at least used to be. A lot of young people end up entering into their parents profession and it’s definitely no different in Hollywood. Also, the real acting takes a lot of work however what passes for acting nowadays is pretty much just turning up putting on a costume and make up and reading badly written lines for non-discerning audience. The money is phenomenal As are the perks to a life in entertainment. If you want to go down a rabbit hole though go look at Jamie Dlux on YouTube and lift the veil and there are some others that talk about the kind of nasty stuff that goes on behind the scenes and Hollywood including secret societies and human trafficking. There are many examples of celebrities literally pimping out their kids to actors and producers and rappers so that they can get a role in a movie. Be careful though this is depressing stuff. You can’t on see and hear it. It’s understood that Hollywood sells Californication.

Substance D said...

Your Turn: Which way do you want Paris Jackson to kill herself? Pills? Swallow a bullet? (Hand gun or Shot gun?) Jumping off a roof a'la Diane Linkletter? (Or was that out a window?) Death by cop, perhaps? Jumping in front of a car/bus/train? So many possibilities. Sub poll: What month of the pregnancy that triggers (pun!) the depression and the, hopefully, successful attempt?

Fifi LaRue said...

Boo, come back!

All is Forgiven!!!!


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