Saturday, May 25, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #5

May 16, 2019

Despite all the talk to the contrary, this comic/actor/host/fired host is really splitting with his long time wife. They might delay it a couple of months to try and prove critics wrong, but the critics aren't wrong.

Steve Harvey


yepthatsme said...

Critics-1 Harvey-0

gauloise said...

But he literally wrote the book on happy relationshps

yepthatsme said...

Maybe he hired ghostwriters for that too!

HeatherBee said...

I guess she didn’t think like a lady, act like a man.

Vita said...

These comments are funny!😂

Seriously, just kind of out of nowhere, he went from being everywhere with 36 jobs, to most of them being dropped one way or another, him growing a beard, not wearing suits every appearance, and generally looking 25 years older. Even if one didn't read these blinds, something is clearly going on!

Boldblonde said...

I'm sure she found another sponsor, already.


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