Thursday, May 23, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #5

May 14, 2019

#1 - The name of the man arrested while traveling with the foreign born A- list actor with substance abuse issues. ______________________

#2 - The name of the formerly Instagram/barely there celebrity ex/sometime reality star ex of the man arrested in #1. _______________________

#3 - Who the woman in #2 left the man in #1 for. ______________________

#1 - Alki David/Jonathan Rhys Meyers
#2 - Jennifer Stano
#3 - Danielle, who is a dog groomer. 


sandybrook said...

Except for Rhys Davies who is headed down that way, z-listers all.

sandybrook said...

Rhys Meyers not Davies.

Notagoodscreenname said...

Jennifer Stano left Alki David for a dog groomer named Danielle?

Thursday November said...

Alki got sued recently for being such a sexist misogynist, and just proved in court how awful and disgusting he is.

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Vita said...

Well, can't accuse #2 of being a gold digger!

Flashy Vic said...

Alki?! (snigger)

Seriously, that's his name?

Fuck, I swear to you all that if I had a name as stupid as that then I'd change it, or my name isn't Victor Drunkenshite.

mike m said...

Who are these people?

Brayson87 said...

Not Danielle the dog groomer, I didn't know she was a homewrecker. 😔

Andi said...

Read the DM, it's where Enty gets his material from.

C’est Vrai said...

She probably freezes left over sushi too. lol

C’est Vrai said...

I’m suprized Rhys Meyers is still alive.

Queen Bee said...

A friend of mine knew Rhys Meyers before fame. RM spent time passed around Ireland as a house boy for the rich. Apparently what he went through, it's no wonder he's so fucked now.

pickyvegetarian said...



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