Saturday, June 01, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #2

May 22, 2019

This A list director spent an evening with this foreign born director/rapist where they each screened the other's new film and sucked up to each other. The former then praised the latter publicly which is not going to help things press wise.

Quentin Tarantino/Roman Polanski


J said...

Two very talented directors.

notthisagain said...


you can be talented and still be a sexual predator or monster. look at Kevin spacey

orangesoda said...

Both are gross. Thankfully I've never breathed the same air as pedo Allen but my friend and I were unlucky enough to be at a party with Tarantino when we were 19 and the sleazy old fuck wouldn't lave her alone after she made the mistake of asking for a picture because her boyfriend was a big fan.

J said...

That's absolutely 100% true, notthisagain. I haven't seen calls to ban Chinatown, though, which strikes me as odd.

Substance D said...

QT's latest is about Polanski, sort of. Of course they would meet. The value here is that Polanski becomes the target of questions and that will take some of the heat off of QT's daddy, Ol' Harve.

yepthatsme said...

If only they would have got food poisoning while spending time together! I only wish for smaller joys in life! Sigh!

Nicole said...

I saw him in a restaurant in Austin.
He treated the waitresses like trash.
Slimy. Big mouth.

Same place I saw Lance Armstrong.
That ego barely fit thru the French doors.
And a true fucker to the waitresses, too.

yepthatsme said...

@Nicole, I would like to think a lot of spits were had in their food! In the end Karma comes back to your mouth!

BRAD PITT said...

'Air Force One' was on TV tonight and i couldn't watch it

Harrison Ford knowingly worked with Polanski who drugged and anally raped a child

birds of a feather

BRAD PITT said...

@ J

i haven't seen calls to ban Chinatown, though

Jack Nicholson was going to come out of retirement to remake 'Toni Erdmann' and then it was cancelled, you know why? Kristen Wiig was afraid something might come out about Nicholson now that it's open season on rapists and pedos

Need i remind anyone Jack is friends with Roman

sandybrook said...

Orange and Nicole all you all had to do was kick your shoes off and show him your feet and all would be good. Maybe a small foot job too, but negotiate well and it might have been worth it.

J said...

BRAD, either that happened or it didn't. Don't know.

But Chinatown's streaming away.

Unknown said...

So why was Polanski's wife complaining on her instagram about the movie existence and Hollywood's profiting from her husband's story?


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