Friday, May 31, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #2

May 21, 2019

I bet these various singers who are participating in the weekly service have no idea the founder records all their efforts and is talking about selling a live album but taking all the proceeds for himself.

Kanye West


Brayson87 said...

Hey apparently talking to god ain't cheap, but if they were dumb enough to attend they'll probably go along with his album deal.

sandybrook said...

Alexa records everything you do too and somehow nobody seems to give a fuck either.

Aquagirl said...

I honesty don’t understand why people attend Kanye’s services (not to mention Hillsong, etc.) So gullible.

Nosey Parker said...

Great answers Brayson & Sandybrook!!!

I miss the old Kanye and wish he had never joined his brand with Kim K.

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Vita said...

Alexa, lol!😂

Trapped said...

What's new they know that already..They all looking for attention.

Randaleese said...

God gonna get that chump.

MountainMama said...

I am waiting for him to Jim Jones all these people. This church/cult thing is way too much.

Unknown said...

1. As I've mentioned previously, the services are not right around the corner for most people. Calabasas has lots of Hollywood types living there but the VAST majority live 45-60 minutes away on the Westside of LA.

2. The guy is selling a clothing line based on this church stuff-- an album is not that much of a stretch. (Plus, PMK is probably behind a lot of this!)

Colonel Blake said...

It's the choir members who are being taken advantage of. Rumor has it they're not being compensated either.


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