Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

May 19, 2019

Because of a lack of any new attention being directed her way and because people have moved on from the former A- list actress who had the news filled 2018 she decided to try and insert herself into the network actress and her situation. I think our former A- list actress thought that 2019 would be filled with job offers and people still wanting to speak with her. Not so much.

Rose McGowan/Constance Wu


J said...

Why wouldn't anyone want to speak with her?

She's the co-leader of the #metoo movement, for Christ's sake.

Partnered with that other luminary, Asia Argento.

Unknown said...

The #metoo movement is irrationally silent about the pedos that creep all over Hollyrapewood

Flashy Vic said...


Possibly the #metoo movement was a deliberate "Look squirrel!" tactic to obfuscate the rampant peadophilia in Hollywood?

Carole9073 said...

Exactly to all of the above!!!

Thursday November said...

She's proved herself to be unstable time & again.

Mira meanwhile is a professional, and has many projects lined up again.

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Vita said...

I don't know that Constance wants to share the spotlight, Rose.

Ari said...

A-? You’re too kind.

C’est Vrai said...

Asia Argento is a poisoness evil cunt.


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