Monday, June 03, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #2

May 23, 2019

The only reason this foreign born singer went back to a certain hair color prior to an upcoming tour is because she was paid a ton of money to do it by a company that sell hair products.

Geri Halliwell


Brayson87 said...

Well she was the red ranger right?

J said...


Craig said...

She is 'ginger spice' I mean, even if she didn't pick up a lucrative endorsement package from L'Oréal she would find it almost impossible to go on tour as a blonde.

This is some really stupendous detective work Enty.

Also: Does not need the money. Husband is minted.

Sd Auntie said...

And looks much better with it.

Aquagirl said...

I used to work for that company. We were often asked to have our hair colored when we were developing new products (which was always.) My hair is naturally dark blonde, so I can go anywhere from medium brown to platinum blonde and look good. And sometimes I would just decide to have my hair cut while at work. So I could go to work with shoulder length light brown hair and come home with a platinum pixie. Unfortunately, my bf did not like this. He was very jealous and didn’t like me changing my hair style/color whereas I thought that it would be every man’s sexual fantasy.

But I digress. I was once asked to have my hair colored red. I didn’t want to do it, but I was told it would wash out in 2 weeks. It didn’t. And my sister was getting married. And I was in the wedding. Worst pictures of me ever. Thankfully she lives 3000 miles away, so I never have to see her wedding pictures.

Brayson87 said...

I always wanted blue hair as a kid, I was just ahead of the times.🤔

momo said...

I did red once too. I have always been blonde, from dirty to platinum, and red didn't do a thing for me. I cut it all off and did the platinum pixie myself. That shit took all day as it was a double process. It would make me feel like I had a facelift because it pulls the skull tighter, I guess. Now I don't dye. Since I got old my hair is platinum again. I guess I am off the hook on grey.

RedVelvetBoots said...

@Aqua I hope he's your ex-bf now. (this might be a double post because I got a blogger error the first attempt).

Vita said...

That contract for the Ginger hair sounds like it's the only success they're having with this tour!

Do Tell said...

Good for Geri. Get that money.

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Fifi LaRue said...

Women should put their money three places: an excellent haircut, really good shoes, and a bra that fits and is comfortable.

That said, I have a special savings account for my haircuts. And I dye it a deep red brown. I get stopped by strangers wanting to know who cuts my hair, and they love the color. My hair is my glory.

Krissie said...

This is stupid. Her name is Ginger spice so it's the only thing interesting about her.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

I don’t get why he’d be jealous? Of your job perks? Or because it made you attractive to other men?

I love this thread. ♥️☕️🇬🇧 *follows*

Aquagirl said...

@RedVelvet: definitely EX

@Rabbit: Couldn’t agree more. I have a friend who has two young kids & works full-time in DC. She thinks she looks ‘old’, and I keep telling her to stop coloring her own hair because it looks like shit and to get a decent haircut. And accessories are everything. If you have good shoes, a nice purse, and lots of pretty jewelry, you actually save money because you don’t need a ton of clothes. Just re-accessorize. I once wore the same dress 3 days in the same week—to a funeral, a class reunion, and an engagement party. I was out of town & thought I was only attending the funeral but always pack extra accessories. Looked like 3 totally different outfits.

@Scandi: He was very possessive of me. The funny thing is, he was a gorgeous man. When I met him he had shoulder-length hair which looked great. When he got mad that I kept changing my hair, he shaved his head and still looked great! So I walked in after work one day (he was expecting me to be upset) and I was like, ‘WOW, I LOVE it!’ Certainly backfired on him.

orangesoda said...

Well, colour me shocked.

Seriously though, who cares? I have a few friends that went to see them in Manchester and posted videos. It's a bunch of middle aged women that can't sing making absolute mongs out of themselves to a bunch of screaming 35 year old women. It's all very, very dull.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Sounds like he was projecting?

It’s kind of like how cheaters are often jealous, because they of all people would know people cheat. A non-cheater OTOH is less suspicious (but then when loyal people get cheated on they get the shock of their life, don’t they, because it simply doesn’t occur to them that people would do such a thing—like they didn’t see it coming).

Sounds like your ex was well-aware of the value of his good looks. He knows exactly how to use them too.


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