Monday, July 15, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

July 8, 2019

Apparently some of the recent interview between this famous police agency and the disgraced actor dealt with two underage residents of that country who had nothing to do with the actor, but everything to do with a royal who was present at the same time as the actor when it happened.

Scotland Yard/Kevin Spacey/Prince Andrew


Samantha said...

Is Kaiser Soze being 'helped' by anyone in that other case, in exchange for helping in this case?

The charges are magically falling away in that other case.

Sarton Bander said...

Really useful to hebephiles company?

longtimereader said...

So? the Met is just about the most corrupt and incompetent police force in the world, it even makes the Chicago police look good. Other police forces from the UK don't accept recruits from it.

Drewholtaus said...

Epstein could be giving away the goods

Vita said...

Andy might be heading to a very remote royal doghouse

Jon said...

The police are really good in Midsomer.

Freckles said...

Andy might be "going to Africa" with M&M and Harry sooner than later.

Collateral Justice said...

It's a good thing Tommy Robinson never exposed the Royals.
He would have been made into an example like Seth Rich.
Yes Mr Podesta. We heard you loud and clear. (shiver)

Say. How is the the Queen of England's Crown Court dealing with free press regarding our unarmed cousins?
Lock 'em up has a sour taste with a British twang.

Submission can be a bitch sometimes. Next they'll disarm folks for a sharpened spork. (snicker)

Tiredallthetime said...

Its hard not to catch a murderer there though. In Midsomer you are either murdered or the murderer.

Collateral Justice said...

Are there any intelligent beings willing to defend Scotland Yard for protecting organized Pedo rings that infect "upper class" citizenry?

If so, you are the problem.

Collateral Justice said...

"Its hard not to catch a murderer there though. In Midsomer you are either murdered or the murderer."
Obvious wisdom from @Tiredallthetime (wink)
Blackmail the Courts & Cop Administration with involuntary child snuff films would be the most expedient with a "proven" tract record. Or the likes of Scotland Yard as official blackmail specialist.

I can't begrudge the Royals their Pedo-Protection stance. We have weaponized IRS with our FBI keeping Hillary America's most famous upstanding citizen. With some heavy lifting at the IRS, as if Clinton Global Initiative was out in the open Bribery.
Wink, (growl/paw) wink, breathlessly whisper Pay to Play with duck lips.

Just remember that long term requires planning by going after loved ones and support friends.
Then there are compromised beat cops with quite a few Management types added for diversity.
It's almost too easy if the Government (or local court house) is compromised from the top down.

Enthusiasm Quotes said...
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Stepforded said...

Nothing will ever happen to Andrew though. The Queen will intervene and see to that.

Clark St. said...

The Chicago cops did their job & arrested Smollett.
It was the totally corrupt State's Attorney that cut him that rotten deal!
As for R. Kelly, someone very big was protecting him.


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