Saturday, August 17, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

August 9, 2019

Somehow this former MTV star thinks her recent rant is going to win her a place back on the show and a salary she desperately needs. I guess that recent get rich quick scheme by the husband is not going so well.

Jenelle Evans/UBT


nancer said...

UBT had a bad idea? shocker! anyone know what it was?

Carole9073 said...

She is disgusting and why she still has those kids??

Unknown said...

UBT started a jewelry/knife making line on Etsy which stole a name "Blue River .....(Something)" already in use.

Don't know which rant is being referred to, there are too many!

SlimKeith said...

If she brings in ratings, she'll be back. It took them years just to fire an abusive sex worker. Farrah was sticking things in her bum live on some website for $29.95 and they still renewed her contract. She would scream and berate producers and camera people and it was fodder for the show. Let's not even talked about the alleged prostitution and what she's done to her weird little kid.

Bianca said...

That’s show just needs to be canceled making a bunch of idiots rich


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