Monday, August 05, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

July 23, 2019

It really hurts when one of your star witnesses, in this case, the four named actress is always wasted whenever she meets with prosecutors to talk about the disgraced producer and what she knows.

Paz de la Huerta/Harvey Weinstein


Count Jerkula said...


J said...

Witness: "Well, I let him into my apartment and he raped me...[sob]"

Prosecutor: "We know this is difficult, please go on."

Witness: "Well, I let him into my apartment again and..."

sandybrook said...

Which is why she has no career to speak of anymore. She should talk to Mischa Barton and see if she can find her way to one of these reality shows

Pissoff said...


James Howlett said...

She was weirdly in The Scientologist movie Theroux -british one made

DJS NOLA said...

this woman is batshit like a modern day anna nicole smith

Count Jerkula said...

All he has to do is stall till she ods

JL said...

The Weinsteins of the world know the victim of a pedophile when they see one. Then they just pile on the abuse of the now effed-in-the-head. For all the anti pedophilers on this site there sure is a lack of sympathy for the grown up victim.

Jon said...

Is she a witness for or against Harvey?

Samantha the 1st said...

Someone needs to help Paz, urgently.

One of the main reasons I believe her apart from there was no reason not to do so, is her sudden implosion.

Not everyone will understand why she felt so afraid she complied, and that's OK.

But they don't have to expose their ignorance and act like it's superiority.

Rosie riveter said...


Samantha the 1st said...

Who, Rosie?

Rosie riveter said...

The second post.
Nonsense. hateful little manchild.
Happy it went thru.
Fucking troll.

J said...

Rosie, get another hobby. I'm not that interesting, and when you think of me I feel your foul uneducated trailer-domiciled vibes.

Samantha the 1st said...

Rosie: Thank you. And, I agree.

Don't Mind Me... said...

Nothing sudden about her implosion. She's been the biggest train wreck for years. It's why she lost her gig on Boardwalk Empire

Samantha the 1st said...

That's your observation, "Don't Mind Me."

I saw a person who was handling the job and appearances just fine, suddenly look and behave completely different.

Don't Mind Me... said...

She was a drunken mess back during her BE days. It's not my opinion that she was arrested for being drunk and assaulting some reality star, after pulling out her boob in a bar.

Another gossip site referred to her as their favorite hot mess

And here she was denied entry to a Golden Globes afterparty because she was too drunk. But sure, keep pretending that she was sane and not an addled mess until recently

Marisa said...

Yeah, she has been a mess for years. That's the only reason I know who she is. I never watched Boardwalk Empire, I just remember her during that time always under the influence of something.
Oh, and that one time where almost everyone thought she was pregnant for a while. I have never seen coke bloat that bad before. Worse than any LL every had.
I'm sure she has her reasons for being the way she is & I hope she soon recognizes that she needs help.
However, ignoring her past to be able to say she has suddenly imploded as an excuse for her present behavior is kinda...I can't think of the word right now. It's early.

J said...

Samantha and Rosie aren't the ones you seek out for keen insight or unfiltered facts.

But if it's incoherent shrieking you're after, they're the gals for you.

Count Jerkula said...

Harvey certainly enjoyed targeted the mentally ill. Paz, Rose, etc. Hard to argue with the thought process, they throw amazing pussy and make horrible witnesses.

Velvet Voice said...

A predator knows what kind of targets he can go after ... PEOPLE ABUSED IN THE PAST ARE THE BEST VICTIMS CAUSE THEY ARE ALREADY BROKEN ..


Paz was always a broken soul

Samantha the 1st said...

One thing that really annoys me are google and wiki arguers.

People who out of boredom and without any information, memory, knowledge, or insight do a quick google, and based upon their poor understanding, take an aggressive position just to be contrary.

"Don't Mind Me," first of all you snapped back way too hard. I allowed that we had different observations (I didn't use the word "opinion," as you implied.) I left it at that.

The allegations are from 2010.

Paz was on Boardwalk Empire during the time it happened.

Exactly what I said to begin with: I recall watching Boardwalk Empire and thinking "what happened," as did, btw, other fans discussing the show at the time. People were wondering aloud what suddenly happened to her.

The timeline fits perfectly.

Don't Mind Me... said...

Samantha, you've certainly put a great deal of thought into assuming things about me. That's not healthy.

The reality is that most New Yorkers have long known that Paz is a substance addled hot mess. We've known since well before 2010 that if she's wasted, she'll either assault you or show you her tits or crotch. That was going on for YEARS. Her refusal to wear underwear and show the world has been a longstanding thing

Samantha the 1st said...

I have assumed nothing. I have reacted to the words you put here.

What is odd to me is how you became hostile based upon my very tame and neutral reply to you that we have different *observations.*

"Samantha, you've certainly put a great deal of thought into assuming things about me."

"That's not healthy."

What here is "healthy?" This is a site built around schadenfreude and/or escapism. Nice deflection though.

You came for me, causing others to + 1 that, when all along your own posts proved my point.

Now you're pulling in "real life" when imo you probably googled that again too. Your earlier posts clearly implied that this is all very recent, and that was your basis for implying it's not true. Why even put energy into spinning your own comments?

Why can't you simply say the same to me - that we had different observations? Now that's strange to me, but you do you.

Don't Mind Me... said...

You assumed nothing when you accused me of Googling while pretending that I knew something? Get over yourself.

You came after me first, because I dared to disagree with you. Perhaps you should reflect on why this means so much to you


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