Sunday, April 19, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #2

April 6, 2020

This foreign born permanent A list model got another chance to be in a reality television show. The last time didn't go so well after she not only was aggressive with the models on the show but almost got killed when one of the models became the girlfriend of her at the time boyfriend. She got upset and he had her beaten. The new opportunity with another foreign born permanent A list model has not resulted in a broken leg, but no one liked working with her.

Naomi Campbell/Making The Cut/The Face/Luo Zilin/Vladislav Doronin/Heidi Klum


Sd Auntie said...

He has moved on with a beautiful Russian model. Luo still models though

Freed Weave said...

Without makeup and nice clothes, that Luo chick looks nothing more than a skinny man, you'd have to be very drunk to consider her slightly feminine.

hunter said...

I was confused about this wording the first time around, now I realize "no one liked working with her" refers to Naomi, not Heidi

I was wondering, how does Heidi get so much work if nobody likes working w/ her?

Nope, Naomi.


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