Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #2

March 30, 2020

The very fake tanned recent network reality star is making sure she tells anyone that asks, that she is single. She knows there is a good chance the four time loser might not get to do a season and the tanned one is next in line.

Madison Prewett/"The Bachelor"/Clare Crawley "The Bachelorette"


Vita said...

Given her values, do she think they'd really do a season without the stupid Honeymoon Suites, or whatever they're called? I would guess they'd ask Hannah Ann or Kelsey before her.

Vita said...

*does she think...oof, sorry!

Gator said...

Madison is beyond boring, not to mention a self-absorbed brat.

Sally said...

Forget her fake tan. Madison's horrific 7-layers-of-cheap-mascara eye lashes are still giving me nightmares. She looks like a clown.

I really wish the production company would start providing make-up artists on set.

Cocobean said...

Naw, she doesn't even know how to play the game. She didn't ever understand that the bachelor dates more than one woman? She's also very negative and complainy. Plus, her religious fanatic background and family is a turnoff to most. I hope she doesn't get picked.


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