Saturday, April 11, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #4

April 2, 2020

This A+ list mostly movie actor is pulling one of his famous I am going to donate a whole bunch of money but really I'm going to donate squat and all these other companies are going to donate but I'm going to take the credit. It is what he has been doing for decades. He talks a big game, but never comes through. Kind of like when he has sex.

Leonardo DiCaprio


Gator said...

Yep, and several other celebs like Beyawnce and the Klown family do the same thing.

IndieRaga said...

All rich do the same....and all
mid-teen boys say the same when they spot an opportunity to break their penile hymen!

Freed Weave said...

Why does media keep referring to this cheapass, opportunistic stump as a hearthrob. He's never not been chunky and the giant veins on his forehead look like an aneurysm waiting to happen. And his reported go to sex move is to lay dead and that it. Hollywood's meter is so fckd up

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Florence Harding said...

The right-wingers here love to go after liberal stars....but they won't say anything about Trump not donating his hotels to let healthcare workers stay there, like so many other hotels are doing

Goddess said...

Penile hymen? Breakage of? Hmmm.....

OldFart said...

Trump used to attend Charity Galas, get publicity, but not donate just take credit.

Amy said...

It's just nice to experience right wing views when usually any view that isn't verging on the extreme left is removed.

junn said...

you are sooooo right!!!

Ronaldus Magnus said...

I want to win the contest where you get to meet and "hang out" with Dinero and DiCaprio. I bet there's an encyclopedia-thick stack of nda's to sign before telling them to go fuck off.


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