Monday, June 22, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Another One

The A/A- list mostly movie actress has long spoken out about being sexualized when she was still not old enough to drive. She very vocally called out one A+ list director for it, although did leave out the part where she was forced to have sex with him all the time during filming of one of the installments. She also, with the exception of one very brief moment in time, has never called out this permanent A++ list mostly movie director who has a long quiet history of this type of behavior. It is one thing to call out a known misogynistic director who once had a script stolen by two escorts he hired for the night, but another to call out someone who would ruin your career in one second if you said a peep. Like I said, she once said a peep. The quietest of one line peeps. The next day was a tidal wave that washed over her and she never said anything ever again. You will notice the acting/directing tree under the A++ list director has never worked with the actress. It is why work becomes increasingly more difficult to find work as that tree expands over time. 

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