Sunday, July 05, 2020

Blind Item #2 - Reader Blind - The Book

A book was published not that long ago. It exposed the true story of one of the most  the famous crimes of the latter half of the twentieth century.  The author had done meticulous research and worked on this for twenty years.  Much of the popular narrative of this case is untrue.

At first, the book, which received positive reviews, didn't get much publicity but then the author appeared recently on this very popular interview program which is not on TV. After that, its popularity very much increased.

Some of the fall out....

1.) A behind the scenes review by the city where this all happened has commenced. It is a review of some of the other cases prosecuted by the deceased well known legal figure. He is exposed in the book as a corrupt mentally unstable thug who may have acted on the orders of someone else.  His personal behavior may have been used to blackmail him.

2.) A number of would be investigators are starting to look at the connection between this secret program and other famous crimes (violence at schools in particular).  In the book, a connection is shown between the program and the infamous deceased A+figure.

3.) The male half of the second victims had embezzled $200,000 from his family business and had gambling debts.  The first group of victims had earned the wrath of drug dealing types connected to a powerful organization.  The book challenges the motivation(but not who did it) for these crimes - Were these in fact contract killings? These facts provide backing for this.

4.) The author is now considering his next project. During the course of researching this book, he came across evidence of involvement by this three initial organization and the same program in the murder of this dynastic public figure in the same city as the crime in the first book and also in these horrific mass deaths in a foreign country a decade and a half later. 

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