Monday, December 28, 2020

Today's Blind Items - If You Pay The Fee

The really rich guy who cheated on his wife with a woman who was already married to a rich guy and had her brother all film it. Yeah, that rich guy. He is trying to do this on his own as a company rather than partnering with the company that changed its original name to something almost kindergarten like. Anyway, this is how this little program is envisioned by the rich guy and he has it ready to roll out as soon as he talks one of the three big boys into paying him. He would like an exclusive with all three so he wouldn't have any competition, but he figures the guy I wrote about it in an earlier blind item today is not far behind in the technology, but doesn't have an easy way to charge the fee like our rich guy does.

The rich guy already charges an annual fee. That fee would increase by anywhere from $30-200 per year per person depending on what level of "protection" you want. Sometime in 2021 the average person won't be defined by that three digit score. Instead, added to that will be a history of every website you have searched or visited in the past 60-90 days which might show that your picture is better or worse than that three digit score. If you pay the really high fee, then you have nothing to worry about because it shows you are "safe." The less you pay, the less "safe" you are.

If you pay nothing, then good luck to you because you will be under the boot of technology even more. Just wait until you start getting paid with credits rather than actual money. 

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