Thursday, January 14, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Banned

This foreign born former A list singer/musician from a former A list group nearly closed down a recording studio all by himself. Our singer was in a Caribbean country recording a record with the band. The recording studio used was really popular at that time for many A list groups. In fact, while our singer was recording there were several other groups recording in the studio at the same time. Our singer was busted by the authorities for sleeping with an underage teen. The police were upset and became convinced that all the other members of the group and the other groups recording at the studio were doing the same thing. They weren't, but all the other groups were forced to pack up and depart the country and the police threatened the recording studio with a forced closure. They ended up not being shut down, but the damage done left a mark on the studio and it was forced to close its doors a few years later.

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