Monday, January 11, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Learning

Well, if you are going to learn MLM scams, then you should learn from the best. The best in this case is the former A list actress who no longer acts. Her protégé is this celebrity offspring who will never be as high as their parental unit. No chance. In fact, the offspring completely booted their time in the spotlight. She did however learn to run a MLM scheme. This one is actually more akin to a Ponzi scheme. There is really no gray area. She has promised investors returns of at least 15% annually. Her business doesn't do that kind of money. She and her significant other have been using the money to fund their lives and projects. Oh, and when you think of her as an example of health and fitness, just know she has a huge Adderall addiction which is how she actually maintains her appearance and not diet and exercise. 

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