Thursday, February 25, 2021

Blind Item #2

 By the end of this year, we will hear more about the beginning of the end as it pertains to this foreign born former A/A- list mostly movie actress. She was never the greatest actress, and was more of a name, but she realized early on that she had enough in the bank to not have to play the Hollywood game. She got lucky as a tween/teen because the projects she was working on, the higher ups were more interested in molesting the boys than the girls. That one project which nearly broke her was with the disgraced actor from an acting family and his frequent partner in crime. Along with the actress/serial rapist enabler, they made our foreign born actress miserable and did everything they could to break her and get something on her. They tried drugs and they tried sexual harassment. When she didn't break, she knew her days were numbered in acting. She got very few roles after that and was so scared of another experience like she endured that she welcomed not getting as many offers.

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