Friday, February 26, 2021

Blind Item #6 - More To The Story

This was the original Johnny$ blind.

More info has emerged.

"Whatever the dying well-known publicist to the stars may have been told about the famous widow's culpability in the A++ famous musician's death, it doesn't square with the investigation that followed.

A disgraced former assistant, who has been in legal trouble from the widow before, has let slip that many, if not most, of the people on her staff and in her inner circle assumed she and boy-toy were responsible. A recording engineer acquaintance told him a week after the event that many of his friends in the music industry thought she arranged the hit. He had his own suspicions, which were amplified big-time when the cops actually looked into them. 

One of the detectives investigating the murder interrogated the assistant a few days later, asking very pointed questions about widow's relationship with boy-toy and her pre-mortem plans for divorce, even asking the assistant point-blank if he thought they were involved.

From what the assistant and a later associate were able to ascertain, the police didn't believe the famous assassin was at all as crazy as he's since claimed; his behavior after the event was too rational for that. They felt they were dealing with a hired killer, and that the widow certainly had motivation, in the interest of avoiding a divorce and getting the full inheritance.

Among other things, they were stunned at the speed with which the widow managed to probate her husband's will -- the kind that suggested the legal work had been done in advance. Attempts were being made to connect the assassin's previous globe-trotting with similar trips that the widow's associates had undertaken at her direction and on her dime, and to figure out exactly why this regular joe was so flush with cash when arrested. A neighbor even reported that they'd seen the widow interacting with the assassin prior to the murder, which was apparently passed off as innocuous, but the story didn't hold up to scrutiny.

However, once the assassin pled guilty and there was no chance of a trial, the files were sealed and put in storage. If they haven't been destroyed by now, it would be very interesting to see what the process of discovery turned up."

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