Monday, February 22, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Competition

This singer was A+ list in a group and solo. She then disappeared from recording. Oh, she was still around and performing and things like that, but not recording. Why? Her debut sold 20M records. It garnered her a handful of Grammy Awards. Why would she stop recording? This album is on best ever lists. It all comes down to this. There were two singers, both solo acts who went on to release solo records shortly after this record debuted. Both of those singers (A & B) were on the same record label while our A+ lister was on a different one. The label head of A & B had information that would ruin the career and life of the A+ lister. He let it be known he would release it if she released a record within the next five years. The head of the record label wanted no competition out there for his singers. The A+ lister agreed to wait the five years. The thing is, five years passed and she was on to other things and her debut, is still today, her only studio album.

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