Friday, February 26, 2021

Blind Item #8 - Reader Blind

 The world and media is seemingly surprised and “praying” for him. His handlers are scrambling to save what’s left of the last of his reputation (and their bank accounts!)

Though they knew the problem would probably show up again, they weren’t ready for this gravy train/ cash cow to end now or in this way.

He’s known for having mistresses. But we’ll nickname his ultimate favorites, “Amber” and “Vicky”. No woman can ever compete with them.

His PR team is paying off the officers, EMT/firefighters, hospitals. Donation$, anyone?

If this, was.. almost- anyone else in the world, we’d already know the blood test results and levels by now.

But, there’s way too much to lose here.

Not only that, but his most stable ( /used to be mistress) girlfriend, is there. By his side. Won’t leave.

For the love of him, perhaps. The public kiss was great, but girlfriend needs a ring!

Also, his other (some) famous mistresses/girlfriends, ghosts of the past  and present, are calling his phone, his agent, and the hospital, nonstop. So annoying.

Everyone is just $oooo concerned, and Girlfriend will not leave his side for one second. Hopefully,  if and when he wakes up. She’s hoping (banking on it) that he’ll remember her hold on him. She needs a ring, STAT!

And when “they” finally release the results about Amber and Vicky, he will most certainly lose respect and most sponsorships and career. Because even he can’t even “do it” anymore.

He’ll be forced into retirement, continuing to pay astonishing amounts of alimony and child support, and will need physical and mental rehabilitation for what may be many years to come. Some whisper and wonder if he’s better off/worth more. Dead? Pray for him for those that prey on him

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