Friday, February 26, 2021

Blind Item #3

Almost a generation ago, you had this way underage A+ list tweener who was encouraged by her parents to have sex and live with a guy in his twenties. The tweener has stayed in the A list range ever since. Nearly a decade ago, this, at the time B- list reality star was way way underage and was encouraged by her family to have sex with a guy in his twenties which she continued to do for many years. Now, she is wildly successful and rich. In the past couple of years, this way underage singer, who was B/B- list was encouraged/enabled by her parents to have sex with a man in his twenties and did so for years. She became A+ list. The latter is being glorified/projected to the world as the right relationship to have. It is being celebrated and the whole world can watch it happen when you stream the documentary.

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