Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Mr. Fix It

Apparently over the course of the past year, this barely barely celebrity who is married to a foreign born permanent A list dual threat actress has become the go to guy if a celebrity is in a jam. It all started when our married celebrity was being threatened by one of his mistresses that she was going public. That would not have been good for our barely there celebrity. Instead of paying her, he spent some money for a good online investigation company who "found" information about the woman and let it fly all over the internet. A bunch of embarrassing things. There was so much for her to do to fix her own life, she dropped her campaign against our barely there celebrity. 

He told the story to this foreign born A+/A list superhero who goes way back with the barely there celebrity. They don't live in the same country, but have always chased woman together even as married men. Our A+/A lister couldn't get his mistress to vacate the apartment he rents. He wanted a new mistress to move in. So, our barely there celebrity gets that same online company working again. They randomly and viciously started going after the woman and made her fear for her life to the point she took all of her stuff and left in the middle of the night. The actor never heard a peep from her again. 

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