Saturday, May 29, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Reader Blind

February 15, 2021

Internet detectives have done it again.  Another life story exposed as a partial fraud.

This permanent  A++ Grammy winner/Oscar winner does have a slight impairment, he probably couldn't drive a car, but he is nowhere near as impaired as he pretends. the head shaking, all of that is theatre.  The result of family members who had seen other artists succeed with this impairment and thought  it was a good hook when they saw he had talent as a boy.

There are numerous videos and photo's online of him doing what should be impossible things from catching a mike stand to taking pictures to walking unaided in a crowd.  Talk to many of his romantic partners and they will definitely tell you he is nowhere near as he appears in public.

Stevie Wonder

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