Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The One You Never Heard Of

There are and have been and always will be celebrity couples who do a lot of drugs together. But, what sets them apart is usually we know they are a couple. No one knew this pair, at just about the height of their fame were a couple. You had this A- list mostly television actress who has a couple of hit shows to her credit and this A- list actor who has a couple of hit shows to his credit. When this occurred he was in the second year or so of his first run and she was a few more years along into hers. They met at a party where they bonded over lines of coke. That led to three or four nights of sex and coke which they had delivered. For about three weeks they would go to work and then get together and have sex and do coke. The thing is though, the sex and coke, especially the coke was getting in the way of work and they both were showing up late or not even showing up at all. That was especially bad for the actor because his show had a strict schedule because of live tapings. His show told him he couldn't be late or miss another day of work that season or he would be replaced. They had one last night together after the taping of his show. 

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