Thursday, May 27, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Defense - Old Hollywood

Things have become muddled over the past 90 or so years about what really happened with this A+ list actress who was the biggest actress on the planet. Her career crashed and burned when it became known what she did to supplement her income. Although she was the highest paid actress, she was underpaid for what she brought to the studios. She made far more money having sex on the side with wealthy men. Tabloids used to talk about it and it ruined her image and ultimately her career. Her defenders say that the publisher of the tabloid went to jail for extortion. He certainly did and was certainly trying to blackmail her along with others. Her defenders say that proves their case and the accusations were wrong. You will notice though that the publisher was not sued for defamation or libel or slander. Why? Because he had photos, lots of photos of her at two parties. One with several other men naked standing around her and another where she is naked and there is a dog next to her. 

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