Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Complicated

I thought I talked about the filming of this movie way back in the day, but looking back, I never did. This movie did poorly at the box office. It made a profit, but only because the budget was so low. The reason the budget was low was because all of the actors in it, were holding out for percentages of the box office in lieu of their normal salaries. 

This A+/A list actress (#1) starred in the movie with her new husband (#2) who was an A list actor at the time and an awful person even back then. Maybe even more so. Whenever they didn't have to work on the same days, he would invariably have sex with this former almost A- list actress (#3) who he treated poorly just like every other woman he has ever been with. He just used #3 and treated her like garbage and after they finished filming threatened her career if she ever told anyone they hooked up. Meanwhile, when not being humiliated, #3 would do coke with this A/A- list actor (#4) who also started at a young age with the same company as #3. They never did hook up though. #4, when not doing coke with #3 would also do coke with this flash in the pan A+ list actress (#5) and did hook up with her constantly during filming. While all of this was going on, the director (#6) was hooking up with this A- list actress (#7) who got the job by having sex with the foreign born CEO (#8) of the production company who made all his leading actresses sleep with him.

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