Saturday, November 13, 2021

Blind Item #5 - Reader Blind

This deceased country/folk singer was A+ list in his day and is still loved by millions. During his heyday he had a photographer who went everywhere with him. At one point, there was the 1970s equivalent of a prank / flame war between him and this permanent A++ list legendary singer who often booked the same venues. It involved embarrassing pictures being sent back and forth. The country star asked the photographer to take a picture of him on the toilet, to send to the A++ list legend.

The photographer is now in failing health and about to publish a book. He has the toilet photo framed and it will be in the book. What won’t be in the book is a full frontal nude shot that was also taken of the very well endowed singer. The photographer’s son destroyed that photo out of respect for the singer.

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