Monday, November 08, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Bad Mushrooms - Anniversary Month

A few years prior to the blog being started there was a massive concert for charity. Not Live Aid or Farm Aid. The concert lasted a couple of days, but wasn't as large as say, The Blockbuster Festival. It felt like from the beginning of this concert, there had been one bad luck event after the next. There was one band who was really in charge of everything. They weren't headlining, but it had been their idea and they were big enough to headline if they wanted. This was not the first time they had done it, but this time around everything was going so bad. On the first day, several people had been injured, some very seriously. At some point, someone said it felt like that announcement that was made at Woodstock about bad acid. The thing is, the person forgot it was acid and remembered it as bad mushrooms. So, for the remainder of the concert, if something went wrong, it was referred to on the radios or in conversation as bad mushrooms.

This was all well and good until this one group from Asia had just finished playing and the group really didn't speak much English at the time. Later, as their career progressed, and they spent more time in the US, they spoke excellent English. The language barrier was proving to be difficult and one of their members was really sick. No one around could speak their language and then this at the time A- list singer in a group who is an offspring of a permanent A lister said he could speak the language. No one believed him, and they were correct not to. He knew some words he once saw in a movie and kept repeating them. After doing this for a solid five minutes and the group member obviously in misery, the singer looks up at the people standing there and said the band member had taken some bad mushrooms. All the crew and people in on the phrase started laughing thinking this was a prank. Nope. Neither the singer or the ailing bad member knew about the phrase. It turns out there were actually some bad mushrooms that had been taken by the group member and also later by this permanent A list singer of a permanent A list group. 

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