Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Knife - Anniversary Month

This actress peaked at A- list. All of you know her. She is still everywhere, just not an A- list actress any longer. There is an actor who recently starred on an almost network hit who loves sharing a story about the actress. She landed her first big role in what turned out to be franchise. She got the role by hitting the casting couch, which she has repeatedly done during her career. To that casting couch sex time, our actress removed a knife from her purse, placed it on the night stand and then got undressed.

Fast forward to the filming of the movie. Our actor hits it off with the actress and they end up in bed. She repeats the same process that she did previously. Our actor happens to discuss what happened with one of the producers who tells the story about the casting couch and she didn't say, comment or do anything with the knife. She just made sure the guys saw it. Fast forward a few weeks and our actress hits it off with a different actor and she repeats the same process. The only difference is that after the sexual act, the actress takes the knife and holds it to the testicle area of the actor she just slept with and says, "Don't ever cheat on me." The actor was so scared, that he told the producer who told the actor and they ended up finishing up the scenes with the actress much more quickly than anticipated just to head off any possible danger.

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