Friday, November 12, 2021

Four For Friday - Lost To Time - Anniversary Month

These are blinds dating back to as far as 2013 that for whatever reason, were never published. I have included the month and year to help you out. Some of the terms to describe people back when written, do not necessarily still apply today.

#1 - Which A (soon to be back to B)-list tween idol has been seeing that little-known member of that hip-hop label best known for his Kid n Play hair for quite some time now? A murder may have been committed to hide the relationship. (January 2013)

#2 - Over New Year's Eve, the new clique of closeted gays were partying it up in Australia, and were spotted at Mariah Carey's concert. They consist of:

-Guy #1: a B-list stage/film/TV actor and his "girlfriend" who was born a he. But they aren't sleeping together, just good pals.

-Guy #2: a B-list actor with a recently canceled show who is dating the above actor

-Guy #3: a former boybander who has slept with the two people mentioned above but remains on good terms with them. 

-Guys #4 and #5: two stars of that hit MTV show based on an '80s camp classic, who might be dating in real life. 

-Guy #6: a former Disney kid who has repeatedly denied that he's gay but his costars from that franchise he was in would say otherwise.

-Guy #7: a not-so-closeted TV actor who is the boyfriend of actor #2's costar from that recently canceled show. (January 2013)

#3 - (March 2018) This story reaches into the heart of the civil rights movement, but much later, after the heyday stars had used their MLK leverage and risen in political circles. Our guy BB was right there in the center of it all, and benefited from his association on a national level. He thought his position and reputation was untouchable, but he pushed the boundaries too hard and ruined his life. But this isn't just about him. It's also about his diabolical cohort in danger, The Grifter, a dangerous woman, who had three names, even today, though she tries hard to hide her identity.

BB was long married but to a woman he did not consider his equal in luster. He shone, as she arranged for his children and him to live in relative ease, so he strayed, probably many times, and she looked the other way, because he still seem to keep his promise to the nation, to his people, and to his family.

Things changed rapidly once The Grifter got her hooks in him. It became much more than a sexual relationship; there were many grifter money making schemes and lots and lots of drugs, mostly cocaine, that he helped her sell through his contacts, while he partook enthusiastically as payment. It was one of those relationships where he was sucked up in a vortex of her creation and lost complete control of his own life, so much so that he had to replenish his habit hourly. They both had lost control of a fast traveling train, and those on the inside we're not surprised when it all crashed.

 It was BB's wife who told the police. This got out to the press, and though she tried to take it back, the damage was done. BB used every relationship he had, both in his beloved southern hometown, and nationally, to save himself from prosecution. It worked, but not without one more glorious grifter scheme.

The Grifter was to be singly prosecuted instead, but for her cooperation, several arrangements had to be made. She would alone take the entire brunt of punishment, and was sentenced to many years in a Federal prison. Five short weeks later, The Grifter quietly was released, and all traces of her prosecution details, imprisonment paperwork, and release details were wiped from all records. Her former identity was gone, and she was issued a new social security number. No one from the Press ever knew she was released, and because of all the years she was to be in jail, they just walked away from the story. The only mention post prosecution was a condemnation from the wildest, most controversial reporter of modern age. He publicly called out the obvious protection of BB at The Grifter's expense, but even he didn't realize what the real story was. The real story was that in order to gain The Grifter's cooperation, a yearly pension from BB was to be paid for the rest of his life. 

As designed, the story just disappeared. The Grifter quietly resumed her life in a nearby but different state, keeping her schemes to a minimum to keep the interest in her identity a secret. BB's career was over, but he never served jail time. He divorced and remarried, got some treatment, and lived out the rest of his life to a ripe old age, making his yearly payment to The Grifter that brought him down.

A decade ago, The Grifter broke her agreement and came home. She bagged a new compliant husband and took back 2 of her 3 names. Her looks had aged so she figured she would not raise any red flags since two decades of time had passed. The problem was she had a son who still had the last name that would expose who she was, and throughout the years he had become one of her henchman, along with and his wife and grandchild, in lieu of being supported from the money she still received from BB. So as she built her new identity in her old southern hometown, she denied her son and demanded his non-existence on social media. Those who were drawn to her flame were kept there by prescription drugs she brought back from yearly trips to Central America. Her new grifter life was working out beautifully until just over 2 years ago, when BB died.

There was no inheritance, and no instructions to continue to pay her after his death. She had not saved any money, instead traveling the world and buying racks of furs and tables of tickets to all the best concerts, so the schemes had to start again. Nonprofits were started, insurance claims were made, drugs were sold, and the new compliant husband was forced to go back to work long after retirement age at a local home supply shop, just so they could try to maintain the exclusive condo and trips for supplies. But it wasn't enough, and slowly, cracks started developing.

She got behind on her condo payments so the board was forced to investigate. They discovered who she really was after finding archived snapshots of her prison record and early release, and one early photo of her on trial, deep on the internet. Her reign on her son loosened and his last name started connecting the dots for those she was attempting to scheme out of money. The only people who remained in her circle were those she managed to get hooked on her supply of drugs.

Everything is about ready to come tumbling down again, and many more lives are about to be ruined. The police have been warned about her trips to Central America. She had to pull her son out of his expensive home as she could no longer continue to pay him off. The condo board is going through the legal options of removing her for non-payment. Those who are now in the know are attempting to save others around her by making them aware of who she really is. It's gearing up to be another headline-grabber in a city that has endured many. 

#4 - (April 2019) The alliterate's ex was developing a tv series as a what-if based on his life. The concept was what if they had had kids and his wife's new husband was a royal It was going to be a sitcom. Their "mom" his ex going from commoner in America to royalty.  It was hilarious and apropos AND made the alliterate one and the royal family furious. The ex got a big check to say goodbye to the project which was going to get a greenlight. 

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