Friday, January 14, 2022

Four For Fridays - Hookups You Forgot

#1 - This one named A list singer not named Madonna hooked up with this musician who has an infamous sex tape.

#2 - Speaking of musicians, this one is also A list and fired from his band for drug use. He hooked up with two people you probably forgot about. This former brat packer and also this alliterate actress from an iconic show.

#3 - This permanent A list mostly movie actress who was the highest paid actress for a long time used to hook up with this A+ list mostly movie actor who is best known for that long running action franchise.

#4 - This former A- list mostly movie actress who had brief appearances in this movie franchise and also cameos in a long running sitcom that spanned network and streaming. She used to hookup with the A list mostly movie actor who died of a drug overdose.

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