Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Recruiter

Bani emailed this past weekend and said that TikTok is making his life so much easier. How? Many of the women who work as yachters also make him promotional videos extolling the wonders of Dubai. If someone comments on the post or follows one of the women, the woman reaches out to try and establish a relationship and develop a future yachter. There are dozens of women doing this, making dozens of posts a day and they have been wildly successful. Plus, the new women are generally much less expensive. This is where the celebrity aspect comes in to all of this. The woman in charge of the women making the posts is a foreign born reality star who is probably A list in her home country and in the UK and has appeared on more than a handful of reality shows. It is also said she landed her biggest gig yet as a host of a show because of how successful she has been at recruiting women. The show she will host got a huge financial boost from one of Bani's employers.

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