Thursday, January 13, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Dogs

It kind of seems like something out of 101 Dalmatians, except in this case it is not coats being made from dogs. It also doesn't seem like it would have a celebrity connection, but it does.  Using a group of people that are very loyal to her, this former A list social media star who crashed and burned so many times until she has been reduced to just being a name you remember and someone who comes out of the wood work from time to time when she truly goes off the deep end, is running a racket. It involves dogs. It does not involve training dogs to fight or anything like that. It does involve the breeding of dogs. Specifically those bulldogs that keep getting stolen. Several of her group are behind the thefts of the dogs. They are not usually doing the actual robbing, but are the ones paying. With the help of several state police who are addicted to sleeping with her, the group is breeding the bulldogs as fast as they can and then selling them for ridiculous prices. They also steer the buyer to an insurance company who offers insurance in case the dog does get stolen at a very high premium of course. One of the problems they have faced is when they steal a dog that has been spayed or neutered. Obviously they can't use it to breed, so sell them to a couple of shelters out of the state who then charge higher "fees" for people looking to adopt them.

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