Monday, January 10, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Affair

Everyone in Hollywood knew about the affair between this A+ list mostly movie actor who was an Oscar winner/nominee and this A- list actress who was a multiple Emmy winner/nominee. In her later years, the actress spoke publicly about the affair and how she was dumped by the actor after she did everything he asked, including divorcing her husband. The actor did later divorce his wife but then wanted to play the field and not play solely with the actress. 

What has never been discussed by the actress and definitely not the actor during his lifetime is the daughter they shared together, but has always been attributed to the man our actress was married to at the time, despite the fact they didn't sleep together for well over a year, and during that year, the offspring was born. Now, that everyone involved in this triangle has passed, I will be curious to see if the offspring discusses it or if it will continue to remain her little secret.

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