Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Blind Item #10 - Reader Blind

 A while back, this ambitious individual decided he wanted to be an A++ lister.  He had already held a very high position at a more local level as well as an appointed position.  A rival for the A++ position leaked some info to the press about his spouse and he chose not to seek this.  All of this has been reported before.  

But the truth is a little bit different.  It is true that his wife always considered him a poor choice as a husband as she does not find him attractive at all and has had numerous affairs over the years and yes she did leave him for someone else for a period but then came back.  However, this info is already out there and the wannabe ambitious A++ lister felt he could weather this.  

What ended his A++ quest was the arrival of photos of his wife having sex with different men.  At that point, he immediately ended his quest.  What he didn’t know was his wife was the one who sent the photos as she really didn’t want her past dragged out in nationwide media.  

Also in a more current position wherein he comes into contact with younger people, his wife is using this position to conduct sexual relationships with younger men (all over legal age).  

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