Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Intervention

 You may think this is about drugs, but it isn't. This is about families intervening to remove a loved one from a woman they had been dating. It all started nearly a decade ago when a woman started dating this foreign born A list screenwriter. The screenwriter, like all of the men the woman dates, are decades older and nearing death. The woman came in and demanded changes and that staff be fired all so the woman could have the attention of the writer and not let anyone near him who could break the pair up. This went on for a year, and after a trip to a lawyer to discuss will changes and money payments, one of the children of the screenwriter stepped in and intervened. The offspring had to bring security personnel and dragged dad away until he agreed to stay away from the woman.

Fast forward and the next thing you know, the woman turns up on the arm of an elderly fashion designer. The offspring of the screenwriter reached out to the family of the designer and warned them. They removed the woman from the designer's life. The same thing happened again with another screenwriter. Again, there was an intervention. Now, the woman is at it again with her biggest ever prize who is a permanent A lister. She has fired everyone close to the A lister and has taken control of his life. So far, she has been able to keep any intervention from occurring.

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