Thursday, June 02, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Story

 Apparently this standup comic is not alone in her relationship with the offspring she has made news with since her near death. Apparently there is also a dead porn star and another porn star who was the roommate of the now dead one. Why do I bring this up? Because the still alive porn star is about to sell her story and I wanted to tell the story first. I didn't think anyone would actually pay her her asking price for the story because it is really the story of the dead roommate who used to have sex and do drugs with the offspring. Yes, the still alive porn star did the same, but never heard the story directly from the offspring. 

The offspring was doing business with someone in the condiment industry. Things were becoming rather dicey and some money was taken from some people who most definitely wanted it back. This is why you shouldn't do drugs and try and rip off people's money at the same time. It looked like for awhile, the people wanted to kill the offspring to get their money back. Our offspring reached out to one of the guys who used to deal arms and had a movie made about them from a magazine article. The porn star didn't know which of the two, but one of them. That person knew the guy who was trying to kill the offspring. The person who was supposed to get the money from the offspring or kill him decided to make a deal, but he needed a body for his boss. I can totally see everything happening up to this point. 

It is this next part, that I would need to see more proof, but the people buying the story, perhaps have it? A homeless man was killed and then burned beyond recognition. There is your body. The reason I don't believe the last part is our offspring is a known face and wasn't going into hiding, so the fake body thing wouldn't work. The porn star's logic is that it was done to buy enough time to get the rest of the money.

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