Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Filling The Void

 This behind the scenes person definitely had a following. People listened to what he had to say. He had been saying things on television and radio for over two decades. The following grew slowly over time. One thing people should do though, is rise above the forest and look from a different vantage point about how the following did grow. In the early days, he achieved growth when those around him had to give up their following or their audience when they ran afoul of the law. No one stopped to ask why so many people close to this personality were going to jail or losing their jobs and he remained unscathed. Could he have set them up to fall and then take their followers?

Fast forward to events much more recent. He has tripled, if not quadrupled his followers over the past two years. Where did he get them? Some of  course were organic, but the vast majority can be attributed to two people who espoused many of the same theories as our blind item subject. Those two didn't end up going to jail or some other law enforcement operation. Instead, they ended up dead and there was our blind item subject stepping into the void and bringing their followers with him. He didn't kill them, but he certainly pushed them into reckless behavior with his words. Words that he didn't follow himself, which is why he is still alive and why he is such a very powerful force. Much more powerful than he has ever been.

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