Saturday, July 16, 2022

Blind Item #4

Recently I wrote about this disgraced alt-rocker who is scared to enter the US because of all his sexual assault allegations. What he really should be scared of is the country where he is "living" now. I put it in quotes because has been living as a "tourist" in France for almost twenty years because he doesn't want to pay French taxes, even though his family has all the benefits of living there, including an elite school for his daughter that's heavily subsidized by the government. His wife is French, which makes him eligible for a work permit or permanent residency. But he won't even apply. He literally has to leave France every 90 days and just hope he can get back in, which is a massive inconvenience, not to mention risky. (He nearly got stranded in the US at the start of the pandemic because of it.) Given how rarely rape is prosecuted in America, I think it's MUCH more likely that he could end up in legal jeopardy in France for tax evasion and/or overstaying his visa by almost two decades. IMO, that's what he should be most worried about--that France slaps him with twenty years of back taxes and penalties that he can't pay. 

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