Monday, July 11, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Wrestler - Stories From The JS Files

There was a time about a decade ago that our actress was involved in a very odd threesome. Not a threesome in a traditional sense, but three men in her life that she was juggling, The first was a foreign born alliterate actor she was crazy in love with who wouldn't give her the time of day unless he was due to spend time here or she in his country. She would do anything for him and is the only person she has ever dated to get topless photos of her. They are presumably the only topless photos that exist of her. Our actress tried to make him jealous by dating someone else. The issue with that is that she didn't want the world to know about him so kept him hidden the entire time they dated, which kind of ruins your plan of making the other guy jealous. Another problem with the plan is she liked the guy she was dating, but wasn't crazy about him and only slept with him a handful of times over the years of on and off again dating. Where does the wrestler fit in to the story? Through a co-star, she met a pro wrestler and they really hit it off. The wrestler was married though, so it was another relationship she also had to keep quiet. What she did get from the wrestler though was someone who, when the foreign born actor was in town on a set, paid a visit to the actor and shoved him around a little and threatened him for treating JS so poorly. Instead of being scared though, our actor ended up getting wasted that night and was angry and showed multiple people the topless photos of JS which is how we know they exist. 

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