Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #5

July 6, 2022

There is a movie being released this fall that has the same title as a European city. The one sheet specifically leaves off the name of the A list director. When the stars of the movie, which includes not only actors and actresses, but also an A+ list singer are out doing press, how many reporters will ask:

Why is the director's name not on the one sheet?

How do you justify working with someone who has sexually harassed so many women?

How do you justify working with someone who sexually assaulted his underage niece? 

These are not new revelations. They were public before you accepted this role. Why did you do so?

The answer is no reporters will ask any of the four questions, because they only care about getting close to people who are famous and getting invited to the premiere and after party or the singer's concerts.

Amsterdam/David O. Russell/Margot Robbie/Taylor Swift

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