Monday, July 04, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #2

March 24, 2022

Except for removing the name of the A- list actor, I left in the words of the tipster.

About ------ I called him a demon and a pedo on his official Facebook page when I found out about this. 

I used to be part of the echelon. 

---- blocked me which is fine, but he actually had someone find out where I lived and went to school, and had the police come to my door for a welfare check and my educational advisor called me and told me someone from Alice In Wonderland had contacted them about me. He found out what college I was in, which was not on my profile, and took it a step further and found out who my educational advisor was. And yes, I was suicidal which is something I struggle with due to a very traumatic life and sexual trauma, so finding out my hero was my worst nightmare sent me over the edge. Still, the lengths he went to to find me scared the shit put me. If you post this , keep it anonymous please. Seriously scared of him. Also, if you can find it, there was something out there that he was trying to buy the tumblr accounts or buy tumblr itself to get ahold of and erase those stories about him. It was on a blind auction website of some kind . Thank you for what you are doing with your page.

The Echelon is the fanbase- ------ little “cult” of uber fans who protect him and his sibling and will attack relentlessly if someone goes after their idol online. One woman stalked me for 2 years! 

It freaked me out! And the echelon bullying me when I spoke out my opinion about believing he’s a predator got me targeted and stalked and hated on . It was crazy.

Jared Leto/Shannon Leto

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