Monday, July 04, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #1

March 22, 2022

In this space and in my podcast, I have talked extensively about this celebrity conspiracy theory. I always wonder if there was a twin. I have always leaned towards no, and then this week, something remarkable happened. I was researching a completely different subject and talking to someone who knows the "surviving" twin really well and has known the actress for well over a decade. I asked a random question about the mom of the actress and the history she has with criminals in a certain state, as well as past love interests. The source started talking about those people and then out of the blue started rambling about 2010 and to check on that. I did some digging and vaguely remembered the incident the source was referring to, but in a follow up asked why that was so important. 

The legend has always been that the twin was killed by the studio. That part of the story has never made sense to me. Why kill the better actress? What if the twin wasn't killed by the studio and wasn't killed when the legend says she was. What if it was later? What if it was done by these family members out of state. What if our actress had to appease those same people to keep from being killed. It is a fact that the criminals exist. It is a fact that are extremely close to the mom and have done things which have landed them and the dad in jail before. They are not nice people. They will do anything to make a buck. Would they exploit a new found star while leaving the other intact? Lets go back to 2010. There was a statement made under oath by the actress. It wasn't true. She was desperate to be able to go see these criminals and told a lie in an effort to do so. She also knew there would be drugs and alcohol involved and wanted a dispensation. Why did she need to go? What was so important they needed her there and couldn't come to her? It had something to do with a very close family member. Was the twin alive still then? Was there something the actress needed to do for the family? Was it to say goodbye? None of the criminals are close family members. They are family, but not close. Did the twin live a decade longer than the legend says?

Lindsay Lohan

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