Monday, July 04, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #4

February 8, 2022

A few years ago, shortly prior to his divorce, this foreign born A list singer in an A list group had an affair. It was not his only affair in the marriage. There were dozens, and some of them documented in this space. This particular affair though, since it was the one that immediately preceded his divorce, always seemed important. It was with, at the time someone who was an A+ list celebrity and one of the most popular people on social media. She is, and was a singer, and back at the time was focusing more on singing than she does today. They met through a mutual friend. The mutual friend is a foreign born A/A- list actor who was closer to A list back then. He also had spent time hooking up with the singer and introduced the two, so they could work on some music projects together. 

They did work on some projects together, but nothing too spectacular. What they mostly did was have a lot of sex and try not to get caught by anyone. When the public learned of his pending divorce, our singer thought this would mean they could now make their debut as a public couple. Instead, he kept her hidden and this really made her mad. It was not a good split. It was awful. At some point in the past year, there had been rumors of a reconciliation, but after that split, it was tough to fathom. There they were this past week though, all smiling and huggy huggy. His current A- list significant other probably has no idea of the history between the pair.

Chris Martin/Selena Gomez/Orlando Bloom/Dakota Johnson

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