Monday, July 04, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #5

January 4, 2022

Boy bands are a lot of work to create. Back in the day there was one particular boy band that was a lot of work and very expensive to get it to launch. All of you know the band. Most people, unless they are big fans don't know that the band, which is US based, needed Europe to launch the band into the stratosphere of fame. All of that work had been done and everything was ready to go. Europe had been conquered and the US was next. Then, one of the band members decides he is in love. This was not one of the random hookups from European fans, this was something else. A fellow singer who was on the same label and had been signed to the label at just about the time this whole US launch was about to happen. The pair met at a label party. The fellow singer was nearly a decade older than the very underage boy bander. The fellow singer had been around Hollywood for a long time. She had been having sex with producers and other men since she was barely a teenager. The boy bander was no match for her and thought he was in love. When the record label heard about it, they had a mixed response. They thought it might be great to have two label mates be a couple. The manager of the boy band went ballistic. He spent a ton of money and everything was perfect and he didn't need the older singer corrupting his underage singer. Looking back, that is ironic. What finally convinced the label to take the side of the manager and force a breakup was the news that the older singer's drug problem might taint the image of the perfect teen boy banders. Plus, the label executives liked having the female singer and the other women in the group to themselves. So, our boy bander had his heart broken.

NSYNC/Justin Timberlake/Fergie/Lou Pearlman/Wild Orchid

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