Friday, August 12, 2022

Four For Friday - Are You serious?

#1 - This former 90's actress who made a career out of one film was the one who held down and then later tied down this one named singer the first time this convicted singer raped the underage singer.

#2 - Way back in the day on the set of this Miami based movie comedy, this former A+ list television actor from an iconic role showed up out of the blue. He and this supporting actor in the movie who is known to all of you and was married at the time had a weekend filled with sex. Come Monday, the actor was gone and not seen again. I have never heard any same sex stories about either before or since.

#3 - This former VJ said when she first arrived in NYC, the first trick she had with an agency was a threesome that she did with this soon to A+ list mostly movie actress who at the time was a complete unknown.

#4 - This former A list actor as a teen and a young adult is probably B+ list now. Comes from an acting family. back in the day, he hooked up with this older actress who is outspoken after the fact and has lots of famous exes. Our actor liked to be tied up, so our actress did. She then went on one of her famous benders and didn't wake up for 24 hours. Our actor hadn't been able to release himself. 

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